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New Zealand flight training requirements for helicopters

Flight Time Requirements:

New Zealand Civil Aviation Regulations require a minimum of 50 hours flight training.

The following must be included:

20 Hours Dual Instruction

15 Hours Solo Time

5 Hours Dual Navigation

5 Hours Solo Navigation

5 Hours Mountain Training

The comprehensive full time course covers all aspects of aviation in accordance with the Aviation Services Limited syllabus.

All course material is supplied in well researched and presented lecture manuals.

The professional staff and lecturers at Ardmore ensure all students gain a depth of knowledge surpassing that required for the examinations and licence.

Passes in the following subjects:

Aviation Law and Publications


Principles of Flight and Aircraft Technical Knowledge (H)

Flight Radio Telephone Operator

Flight Navigation

Human Factors

Theory training for PPL(H) is done on a regular basis, through Ardmore Flying School, during a 2 week full time ground course or 8 week part time.

Check-Out on-line learning

A Class '2' medical certificate issued by an approved medical examiner.

Gaining a helicopter pilot licence is a demanding but satisfying experience.

We encourage you to take the next step, contact us to arrange a visit, to view our school and discuss the options available to you on the road to becoming a career helicopter pilot.