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JAR flight training requirements for helicopters

In order to qualify for the issue of a JAR PPL(H), a student must complete the following:

1. A minimum of 45 hours flight training*, at least 10 of which must be solo, in accordance with a JAR (Joint Aviation Requirement) recognized syllabus.

*(This may be reduced by up to 6 hours if you hold a valid PPL(A).

2. Complete theoretical knowledge examinations in:-
Air Law & Operational Procedures, Human Performance & Limitations, Navigation & Radio Aids, Meteorology, Aircraft (General) & Priciples of Flight, Flight Performance & Planning.

3. Obtain a JAR medical before first solo.

4. Pass a radio communications test.

5. Pass flight tests on Navigation and General Handling.

You must be 17 before applying for a license, and 16 before going solo.