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   fixed wing aircraft
  all about pilot ratings

  choosing a flight school
  private pilot licence
  FAA eligibility requirements
  instrument rating
  instrument rating FARs
  multi engine rating
  commercial licence
  commercial pilot FARs
  airline transport licence
  airline transport licence FARs
  licence conversions

choose the right flying school in the US

  • Find out where the school is based.  Is it within a reasonable distance from your home?
  • Take the opportunity to visit the various school's in person.
  • Check the costs of training at different school's. 
  • Check whether ground school costs are included within the price quoted.
  • Ask what type of fleet the school has and are the aircraft well maintained.
  • Ask what  the aircraft availability is like.
  • Ask the school whether you will have a personal instructor or different instructors throughout your training.
  • When visiting the school  make sure you feel comfortable within that particular environment.
  • Try and speak to other students that have used or are using the school and get their opinion.
  • For more information on individual schools click on any available web links.