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Instrument Rating

Instrument ratings are issued for aircraft in one of four groups.




All planes where the flight test was carried out in a multi-engine airplane.


Multi-engine and centre line thrust & single engine planes where the flight test was done in a multi-engine centre line thrust airplane.


Single engine airplanes where the flight test was done in a single engine airplane.


Helicopters where the flight test was carried out in a helicopter.

You must achieve a minimum of 70% on the written exam Instrument Rating (INRAT), which includes Canadian Aviation Regulations; Instrument Flight Rules and Procedures; Meteorology; Instruments; Radio and Radar Systems; and Navigation.

To obtain an instrument rating you must complete a minimum 50 hours PIC cross-country flight in airplanes or helicopters; 10 of which must be in the appropriate category. You must also complete 40 hours of instrument time - a maximum of which may be 20 hours Transport Canada approved simulator time.  Included in the 40 hours are five hours dual time obtained from a person with a flight instructor rating; 5 hours in airplanes; 15 hours of dual instrument flight time from a qualified person according to CARS subsection 425.21(9), and one dual cross-country flight under simulated or actual IMC conditions - minimum 100 nautical miles.  This flight is done according to an IFR flight plan, which includes, at two different locations, an instrument approach to minima.

You must complete a flight test in accordance with the Flight Test Standard - Instrument Rating (TP9939E) or a PPC for operations under IFR in accordance with part VI or part VII as applicable.